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Solving Substance Abuse Through Christ


Recovery Center


Welcome to Genesis Ministries, a Christian Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center located at 262 Hawkins Store Road in Kennesaw, Georgia. 

Genesis provides a safe atmosphere conducive to recovery and spiritual growth.  Our faith-based program helps people overcome drug and alcohol addiction.  

We offer family recovery that restores strained relationships from the negative effects of addiction.  Addiction not only affects the addict, but the family as well.   There is hope. 


Help is a phone call away.

Call us now at 770-926-0177 or email us at

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Ask for Prayer

Genesis would like to receive your prayer requests. Please let us know what we can pray for.  Let us be there for you in your time of need.

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 There is hope.

More About Us

A Leap of Faith

Genesis Ministries is working to raise awareness about addiction and provide solutions for recovery. The organization invites community leaders, professionals, and individuals who have recovered from addiction to share their stories. Genesis Ministries provides a Christ-centered approach to addressing the mental, emotional, and spiritual needs of those struggling with addiction. Our program includes a highly structured, multi-disciplinary, and residential program, as well as outpatient solutions and classes. The ministry is dedicated to fulfilling their mission of helping those in need in a Christ-centered way.

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Our church and fellowship center is available for devotional time, one-on-one counseling, and an area for worship.  We have our Wednesday Recovery Meeting from 7:00PM-8:30PM, and Sunday Church Service from 11:00AM-12:30PM.  Everyone is welcome at Genesis for our weekly meetings and Church Service. 


Over the years, we’ve discovered what matters the most for our residents’ quick recovery. Community is crucial, as well as providing specially designed services at the right moment. Read below to learn more about what we offer.


With proven techniques and latest advances in neuroscience, we approach recovery with education, Bible studies, group counseling, and vocational therapy.


Through love, care, and education Genesis provides for the emotional and spiritual needs of those with substance abuse disorders. Our goal is to restore our community one life at a time.


Leveraging texts, manuals, films, and other materials, we are able to facilitate the healing process. Every client receives individual attention to provide an opportunity to overcome destructive behavior.

“He loves us beyond comprehension, 

and we cannot diminish His love for us.”

Genesis Ministries


Our Sunday Graduation Service. Congratulations Ralph on graduating and moving into Transitional Living


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