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Program guidelines


Any changes to the Policies and Procedures shall be immediately updated in the manual and in the admission forms and posted in a prominent place for viewing by staff and residents.

Visitation guidelines

Visitation is for family members only and starts two weeks after the student’s arrival.  Families may come for Sunday service. Food/Dinner may be brought into the ministry for all the men.



Students are eligible for a weekend pass with an approved family member after their fourth weekend.  If the student has followed all pass guidelines, other weekend passes will be issued every other weekend. 

Financial responsibility

The financial responsibility for the operation of this ministry lies with each member of this program.  Such responsibility is needed to further the program’s benefits and to perpetuate the growth of this ministry.

Entrance contract

Dear applicant


Program guidelines

1.    When a student arrives, staff will check in and check out all personal belongings.  
2.   Each student is to shower and wear clean clothing daily. Only one five-minute shower per day is allowed starting at 4:00PM.     
3.  No use of any tobacco products allowed on or off campus.
4.  Proper clothing is to be always worn at the ministry. Shirts and shoes must be worn inside and outside.  No clothing depicting drugs/alcohol may be worn. Sleeveless shirts may be worn outside during work call only.  
5.  Do not remove food, utensils, or kitchen items from the dining area.  No food is allowed during classes or in the TV room.  Only water is allowed in TV room and Sanctuary. 

6.  You may purchase your own snacks and soda and store them in your room.  
7.  No Money is to be given or accepted by the student.
8.  Medications of any kind must be turned into Staff.  All medications including nose sprays, aspirins, cold meds, herbal remedies etc. Students will sign for their prescriptions in the logbook.  It is your responsibility to keep track of your refills. 
9.  Turn off lights and fans in rooms before leaving.  No one is to touch the A/C in the sanctuary or the sound equipment unless authorized.  Staff approval is necessary for using the instruments. 
10.  Bedrooms are to be straightened every day before quiet time and after lunch.
11.   TV is a privilege only allowed Monday and Thursday after 5 PM. as well as weekends. Watch only approved TV shows. 
12.  No personal radios, CD players, cell phones, secular music or literature allowed.    
13.  We notify and communicate with Parole/Probation Officers after a consent form is completed.  Notification to Parole/Probation will be for failed drug tests and serious violations of rules.   
14.  Consent forms are to be signed and dated and kept in each man’s file.
15.  No guests are allowed in the bedrooms at any time. 
16.  Do not leave the ministry grounds without permission.  Be always in view of the ministry.  Curfew outside is 8:30 PM.  Gym is also closed at 8:30 PM.    
17.  No re-arrangement of furniture allowed in the rooms.  No thumbtacks on walls.  Bulletin boards are provided for each man in each room.
18.  Do not ask for special privileges. Learning to cope with adverse conditions and being sensitive to the needs of others are necessary attributes in overcoming addiction. 
19.  Recovery and romance do not mix. 

20. Insubordination /disrespect toward staff will not be tolerated at any time or for any reason. 
21.  All money will be kept in the office.  There is a banking system set up for money.  Do not allow family members or sponsors to give you money.  It is to be given to staff.  
22.  Students will attend to all restroom needs before class or before evening recovery meetings. 
23.  Bring Bible, notebook, highlighter, and pens to all classes and recovery meetings.
24.  Mail – Students are not to correspond with individuals who have proven to be a negative influence.  Mailbox is in the day room.  No one is to go to the outside mailbox.
25.  Genesis Ministries is not a laid-back, glorified, drop-in center.  It is a type of “Spiritual Boot Camp” for men who want to be free from life-controlling bad habits and attitudes.  IT WILL NOT BE EASY.  It will probably be one of the hardest things you have ever done in your life.    
26.  You may be subject to dismissal from the program for the following:
•    Using drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes, or for having them in your possession.
•    Leaving the property without permission.
•    Being continually uncooperative or constantly complaining.
•    Violence or threat of violence to peers or self.
27.  Attendance at all activities is mandatory, even if you have a pass issued.
28.  The minimum length of stay at Genesis is six months.
29.  Family members must be willing to work with these rules of the ministry, or privileges will be taken away.



Visitation guidelines

1.  Visitation for Saturday from 1:00 to 5:30 PM, and Sunday from 11:00 AM to 5:30 PM.

2.  Visitation is for approved family* members only.

3.  Visitation is a privilege.  Do not bring friends that have not been approved by staff.

4.  Visitors are permitted in the day room, visitation room, or in view of the Ministry grounds.  Visitors can use the sanctuary bathroom. 

5.  All children must always have adult supervision.

6.  Visitors are to adhere to all program guidelines. Students are to inform visitors of the program guidelines.  It is your responsibility. 

7.  Family members cannot just show up here at Genesis.

8.  Anything that is brought into the ministry for a student by the family must be checked in by a staff member.  NO EXCEPTIONS. No money is to be given to the students at any time.

9.  Do not use your family’s cell phones. 


* Approved family members are parents, spouses, siblings, and approved sponsors.



Passes are for family visits only

1.  A pass is required to leave the ministry.  For medical or legal reasons, a Special Request form is needed.
2.  Examples of possible sponsors for a pass: parents, spouses, and approved sponsors.  Immediate family members.

3.  Passes are to be applied for 24 hours before leaving on a pass and must be approved and signed before leaving on a pass.

4.  You may leave on a weekend pass Friday at 5:00 PM and must return by 11:00 am on Sunday for church.  You may leave following the Sunday Service and return to the ministry by 8:00 PM.  Coming in late on any pass will have consequences, such as not being able to leave on another pass.   

5.  All rules must be followed while on pass.  No medications (NyQuil, Cough medicines, Tobacco products) will be allowed while away from the ministry or while on pass.  Passes are a privilege, do not abuse them.  


6. Students are not to go off by themselves.  They are to be with their approved sponsor or family member at all times on Pass. 

Passes will be granted only to students working a satisfactory program.



Financial responsibility

There is a one-time, non-fundable admission fee upon acceptance into the Regeneration Program.  The admission fee includes the first month and all fees (group therapy, books, etc).  


Any monies paid to Genesis Ministries are non-refundable.  Upon admission, residents are required to submit TB/HIV/HEP-C tests.  If a resident has not received the required health tests, he can receive them from the Cherokee Health Department for a charge of $100.  Any subsequent donations will be allocated for growth and expansion.  It does cost us much more than $800 per month to house each man.

The minimum stay at Genesis Ministries is 6 months.

The staff members of Genesis Ministries are willing to invest time, talent, and financial resources to help you while you are here.  In turn, we expect you to help others receive the same benefits you have received.



Entrance contract

I hereby assume all risks that may be incidental to my stay at Genesis 
Ministries.  I furthermore relinquish and release forever my heirs, executors, administrators, and myself from any and all claims of any nature whatsoever that might arise from my stay at Genesis Ministries.

I do hereby promise and agree that I will cooperate with all the rules of Genesis Ministries.  I understand that if I am dismissed from the program because of my failure to abide by the rules, there will be no refund of any money paid.

I understand that any property left upon my departure from Genesis Ministries and not claimed within three days by me or my authorized representative will become the property of Genesis Ministries.  I also understand that all monies paid shall not be refunded due to leaving early or dismissal.

I have read or had read to me, all the foregoing statements and am fully aware of their meaning. I willingly and personally sign this contract fully aware of what I am doing.


Dear applicant

1.  You must desire a new life and a relationship with God.

2. TB, HIV and Hepatitis test results.  Check the Health Dept.

3. You must be at least 24 hours clean from all substances.

4. We will search you and your personal belongings upon entry.

5. You must be physically able to help in maintaining the house.

6. Contact us prior to admission.



1.   Bible, notebooks, pens, pencils, paper, and assignment note pad.

2.  Work clothes, seasonal clothing, and church clothes.  

3.  Towels, (2) pillows.  Stamps and stationery for letter writing. 

4.  Personal toiletries (shampoo, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving items, deodorant, aspirin, etc.)

5.  Alarm clock without a radio receiver.

6.  The minimum stay at Genesis is six months.

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