• You must desire a new life of recovery and a relationship with God.
  • TB, HIV, and Hepatitis Test Results. Check with your local Health Department
  • You must be at least 24 hours clean from all drugs and alcohol
  • We will search you and your personal belongings upon entry
  • You must be physically able to participate in the work program
  • Contact us prior to admission


  1. Bible, 3 notebooks, writing pens, pencils, and college ruled paper
  2. Work clothes, boots for welding, seasonal clothing and church clothes
  3. Towels (2), Pillows (2), Stamps and stationery for letter writing
  4. Personal toiletries(Shampoo, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving items, deodorant, aspirin, or allergy medication, etc.)
  5. Spending money for sodas, snacks and extra activities. Only $30 each month is allowed in a man's bank.
  6. No food or protein powder is to be brought in for the students by family members. Dinners or snacks can be brought in by family members only for the whole group. 
  7. Alarm clock without a radio receiver

Our program

Leveraging texts, manuals, films, and other materials, we are able to facilitate the healing process. Every client receives individual attention to provide an opportunity to overcome destructive behavior.


Through love, care, and education Genesis provides for the emotional and spiritual needs of those with substance abuse disorders. Our goal is to restore our community one life at a time.

"Restoring Broken Families in the Battle of Addiction"

mission & vision

With proven techniques and latest advances in neuroscience, we approach recovery with education, Bible studies, group counseling, and vocational therapy.

Before You Arrive:

CALL TODAY: 770.926.0177