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With proven techniques and latest advances in neuroscience, we approach recovery with education, Bible studies, group counseling, and vocational therapy.

Our program

Leveraging texts, manuals, films, and other materials, we are able to facilitate the healing process. Every client receives individual attention to provide an opportunity to overcome destructive behavior.

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Dick Forbes, MA

Over 27 years experience counseling individuals, couples, and families on a variety of issues including conflict, stress, trauma, depression, addiction, and marriage and family issues. 

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Eli Velasquez began directing Genesis Ministries 20 years ago with the goal of helping families understand addiction.

Program director

"Solving Substance Abuse Through Christ"

We want to say there is hope. There is hope for you. There is hope for your loved ones. There is hope for your entire family. All it takes is for you to make the first step, to make the first call, and get help.

our leadership team


Through love, care, and education Genesis provides for the emotional and spiritual needs of those with substance abuse disorders. Our goal is to restore our community one life at a time.

Susan Velasquez 
Over 20 year administrating Genisis, Susan has created the Genisis environment, which fosters the structure necessary for those struggling with addiction.